Testimonials from our satisfied Telecare Alarm Customers

If you are thinking about getting a Lifeline (Telecare / Community Alarm) for yourself or a relative, the opinions of some people who already use our service may help. These are all genuine comments and feedback that we have received.

“Thanks again to all concerned, we found the equipment a very valuable service especially as we live so far away. We would highly recommend you” Mr B, Son of client 

“This pendant round my neck is worth more than a string of pearls to me, I’ve got great faith in it”Mrs G, Diss

“We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service you’ve provided. We’re very grateful” Mrs W, Diss

Thank you for your help when I recently had an accident, cutting my head quite badly. The Ambulance took me to hospital & I’m pleased to say I am well on the way to recovery” Mrs L, Poringland

“We would like to thank everyone who has been there when the pendant has been pressed. Quite often in error, but the voice at the other end has always been patient and understanding. It’s a wonderful and very reassuring service, thank you all very much.” Mrs C, Thetford

“Thanks for sorting this out at such short notice, within a fortnight of it being fitted my Dad had a bad fall and used the Lifeline System to get an ambulance. It was so much easier for him and my Mum to get help quickly, without it they would probably have hesitated about calling Mrs H kept calm and pressed her buttonanyone and sat there until someone called around.” Mrs M, Mulbarton

I had fallen over and couldn’t get up. I pressed my alarm and in no time, help was here. It was brilliant.”  Mrs H, 101 years old and living in her own home in Long Stratton.

“Your lifeline service is absolutely wonderful. It was extremely useful on Christmas Eve. Even though it was difficult to understand [mum] because she was so poorly, you sent the ambulance and rang me. Her alarm was used on several occasions, usually in the middle of the night or early hours! It was  real relief for her to know she could talk to someone, and someone would get there quickly.” Daughter of Mrs J, Roydon.

“My own mother had a Contact Care Telecare Alarm so I already knew how good the service is. I have Multiple Sclerosis and if I fall I can’t get up easily. Wearing the panic button keeps me confident and independent.” Mrs A, aged 68, in North Norfolk.

“My mother and my wife’s aunt both had Lifelines with you, so when my uncle was taken to hospital, I knew exactly who to come to. This is the third we’ve had fitted. Thank you for the prompt service.” Mr Nash, Suffolk.

Elderly man using telecare alarm in his garden

“We both wear an Emergency Button. I’m a very independent person, but if I’m up the garden and were to have a fall my wife wouldn’t hear me call.” Mr C. aged 84, South Norfolk.

I’m so glad my mum has a Lifeline. This way she doesn’t have to remember to carry a phone with her around the house, just puts the button on each morning and lays it by the bed at night. Mum has M.S. and though she hasn’t had to press the button, she would if she needed help.” Mrs Smith, South Norfolk.

Contact Care Telecare service, thanks for the reassurance dad felt“We would like to say thank you to you all for the use of this alarm. It had given peace of mind to both our father and us to know there was always someone there. It is an excellent service you provide.” The daughters of Mr B.

“Mum found the telecare alarm absolutely fabulous. A brilliant service. Mum used her button two or three times. She used it the night she went in to hospital, to call the paramedics.” Mrs K, Hellesdon.

My Contact Care Alarm saved my life. Without it I would have been lying of the floor for I don’t know how long. I can’t recommend it enough.” Vera, 88.

“I telephoned your offices on behalf of my mum on 7th July.  As a result of the storms the previous day she had problems with her phone and also her contact alarm.  The lady was fantastic.  I explained the problems and she advised not to contact BT as the would charge.  I said that I had managed to replace the phone but the alarm didn’t work but made an audible sound and I was concerned this may trigger a call out.  She instructed me how to stop this and efficiently arranged for someone to visit to sort out the alarm.  She was pleasant, courteous and put me at ease.  I work in customer service and people are quick to complain but not praise.  I felt I must email to say how impressed I was with the service I received.” Mrs C

If you have any questions about our telecare service, give us a ring in office hours on Freephone 0800 9174680