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Reduce slips and falls with a new pair of slippers

Contact Care are teaming up with Norfolk County Council to highlight the need to reduce the number of slips and falls amongst the elderly in our region by hosting a Slipper Swap event at Tuckswood Library, Robin Hood Road, Norwich NR4 6BX on the 29th January between 10am – 12pm. According to the University Hospitals of Leicester, 24,000 over-65s in the UK fall over at home every year because of poorly fitting footwear.

Shockingly, falls account for at least a third of all hospital admissions in the over 65s, according to Age UK’s website* Other worrying facts include:

  • Falls are the largest cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people, and significantly impact on long term outcomes, e.g. being a major precipitant of people moving from their own home to long-term nursing or residential care.146
  • Almost 3,653 people aged 65+ died from having a fall in 2013 (E&W, latest available data). This was almost equally divided between men and women, and would equate to ten people every day.147
  • Around 70,000-75,000 hip fractures occur in the UK each year. These are mainly due to falls. The annual cost for all hip fractures in the UK, including medical and social care, is about £2 billion. *

Winter can be a particularly hazardous time for the old and infirm and with the colder months upon us, it is important to keep a check on the wellbeing of older friends, neighbours and relatives. It is also important that organisations in the community work together to support the elderly to continue to live independently and to signpost them to events that are designed to do just this. Research has shown that older people are more likely to fall in the home if they are wearing ill-fitting footwear. A significant number of older people fall every year because of slippers that do not fit very well or have become unsafe through wear and tear – a problem identified as one of the main causes of falls.

A Slipper Swap is a beautifully simple idea but it can really help to raise awareness and provide a practical solution to reducing slips and falls. The idea is that you bring along your old, worn out or ill-fitting slippers and the friendly team from NCC will swap them for a brand new, non-slip pair. Simple!

Catrina, from Contact Care will also be offering advice on solutions for supporting people through the trauma of having a fall. A contact Care lifeline service gives reassurance and peace of mind by ensuring that help is immediately at hand at the press of a button. A trained member of staff from the 24hr response centre will provide assistance in whatever form is needed and if required they will contact nominated emergency contacts to alert them to the situation and request assistance. If this sounds like something you or an elderly/frail relative or friend could benefit from then head over to the Contact Care stand where Catrina will be providing advice and leaflets on the service.

Other help on offer includes advice about fall prevention, NHS Health Checks and information concerning the free one-to-one Health Trainer service. As well as the swap, there will be free thermometers and information leaflets on a wide range of subjects as well as free hot drinks and refreshments. So come along, it’s at Tuckswood Library, Robin Hood Road, Norwich NR4 6BX

29th January, from 10am – 12pm. We look forward to seeing you!
For more information about falls and how to prevent them, visit: www.nhs.uk/conditions/Falls/Pages/Introduction.aspx
To find out more about local services that can support you in making positive changes to your lifestyle, please visitwww.norfolkslivingwell.org.uk.