Norfolk Swift Response

Are you an Older Person living in Norfolk? Or do you have physical illness or difficulties? Or learning difficulties?

If yes to any of these: Do you have the Norfolk Swift Response number by your phone? You should do!

Who are ‘The Swifts’?

A fantastic, trained, team of people, on hand to help you with any ‘urgent unplanned need at home’ which does not require the Emergency Services.

For example, if you have a fall and are unable to get up but are not physically hurt in any way. Or if you live alone and are struck by a violent stomach bug leaving you temporarily unable to get up or to get food. Or if your partner who cares for you has been taken to hospital. In all of these scenarios and many more, the ‘Swifts’ can help you.

Norfolk Swift Response and your Lifeline Alarm

Within Norfolk, if you press your Alarm Pendant because you have had a fall but are unhurt, it may well be the Swifts who come to your aid. They work together with the Alarm Service, and would come if you press your button but we’ve not been able to ascertain the situation and your local key-holders aren’t available.

How to contact the Swifts

It is a Free Service to residents in Norfolk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call them on:

0344 800 8020

More information is available from Norfolk County Council.