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Could a Virtual Assistant be the answer in Older Age?

Could a Virtual Assistant answer to your care needs in older ageIt is true that getting older can have its challenges when all we want to do is maintain our independence amidst those challenges.  At different stages of the process we often need some support to ensure our independence is maintained for as long as possible.  Our ability to deal with everyday tasks such as cleaning, gardening, transport and other areas can become impaired along the way.  Other times we just do not have the time and prefer to have someone else do it so that we can be free to pursue more enjoyable activities.

Older age and technology

The increasing need to deal with technology as part of our daily lives just to maintain our lives can be very challenging for some of us – tasks like paying bills, banking etc.  If managing your personal business affairs is difficult, then having the support of someone you can trust on a regular basis could be the answer.

The growth of technology has encouraged the birth of the  “Virtual Assistant” otherwise known as a VA. This new industry is growing and a VA offers a wide range of skills and experience having started life as an Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant or a PA in the corporate world.

Such highly skilled people can bring these support services and skills to the domestic and home environment, working with individuals as well as Care organisations.

I am Stella Gooch of SMG Virtual PA and am a good example of a Virtual Assistant with a variety of experience in this arena.

A service to support older people

When my mother-in-law developed ill health in her later years, she relocated to be closer to us as it was clear she could not manage on her own.  Although we were able to support her living independently, we were constantly having a battle to get her to accept that support.  I am sure it is a familiar story in many families.  This gave me the idea that there is a need for a service to provide general admin support to older people who want to maintain their independence on their own terms.  Help like this can be purchased on an hourly basis with no long term commitment but longer term contracts can also be arranged.

It costs nothing to have a chat with Stella, and you never know but you might just find the help you are looking for by doing so.

Stella’s contact details are:  07788 645157  – Email:

Stella Gooch, Virtual Assistant

26th May 2017

Norfolk Swift Response

Are you an Older Person living in Norfolk? Or do you have physical illness or difficulties? Or learning difficulties?

If yes to any of these: Do you have the Norfolk Swift Response number by your phone? You should do!

Who are ‘The Swifts’?

A fantastic, trained, team of people, on hand to help you with any ‘urgent unplanned need at home’ which does not require the Emergency Services.

For example, if you have a fall and are unable to get up but are not physically hurt in any way. Or if you live alone and are struck by a violent stomach bug leaving you temporarily unable to get up or to get food. Or if your partner who cares for you has been taken to hospital. In all of these scenarios and many more, the ‘Swifts’ can help you.

Norfolk Swift Response and your Lifeline Alarm

Within Norfolk, if you press your Alarm Pendant because you have had a fall but are unhurt, it may well be the Swifts who come to your aid. They work together with the Alarm Service, and would come if you press your button but we’ve not been able to ascertain the situation and your local key-holders aren’t available.

How to contact the Swifts

It is a Free Service to residents in Norfolk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call them on:

0344 800 8020

More information is available from Norfolk County Council.



Contact Care takes on My Marathon

Contact Care Lifelines running a marathon

Contact Care Lifelines take on My Marathon


The whole of the Norfolk-based Contact Care team are taking on the Challenge. We are each running or walking 26.2 miles during the month of May. We are raising money for the British Heart Foundation. Many of our lifeline users suffer from heart conditions so this is something important to us. We hear stories regularly as we jot down your medical history, of heart surgeries, stents and pacemakers. These were once medical ‘break-through’s. Just imagine what further improvements can become every-day life-saving thanks to the British Heart Foundation.

You can support us by donating and keeping us running at:


Kat Navarro, Contact Care

British Heart Foundation, My Marathon.