Personal alarm installed within 3 working days

LIFELINE INSTALL We aim to install your lifeline within three working days

Little Red Button activates personal alarm unit

PERSONAL ALARM The ‘Little Red Button’ can be worn around the neck or wrist.

Press your Contact Care personal alarm for assistant

PRESS FOR HELP Your button is easily pressed in event of a fall or feeling unwell.

Trained call centre operator responds to personal alarm call

PROFESSIONAL CALL-CENTRE Our trained operators respond and arrange for help to reach you.

Your personal alarm will summon help 24 hours a day

HERE FOR YOU The button can be pressed any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We check your Personal Alarm every two years

SERVICE CHECK We visit and check your alarm.



Personal Alarms on facebookCONTACT CARE have been providing a reliable Lifeline Alarm Service since 1986.Read more about Contact Care here.So wherever you live in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex or Cambridgeshire, our service will provide you with help and reassurance at the touch of a button. Our customers find it gives them, and their families, real peace of mind. Read more.

With your personal alarm button you can call for help day or night, from anywhere in your home or garden.

Getting Started: You will need a landline phone, an available electric socket and additionally a minimum of Contact Care Personal Alarms on Twittertwo local contacts. Find out more about LIFELINE INSTALLATION.

How much does it cost? There is a weekly charge of £3.70 and a one-off install fee of £30 (excluding VAT). Find out more about LIFELINE CHARGESWhat do our customers say? We have over 3000 very satisfied customers. See what they think here: Read what our customers say.

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